3 Tips To Sharing Your Customer Stories

Why your brand story is not enough

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1. You’re the Guide, Not the Hero

Think of your favorite movie, and identify the hero. Now identify the hero’s guide or one to point them in the right direction. That’s the position you need to take as you tell your customer stories.

Your job is to elevate the greatness and success of your customer, the hero.

2. Tell the Whole Story

When telling your customer stories, make sure you dive in and tell the whole story. It’s tempting to just focus on the snippets of success, but remember, these customer stories are developed as a connection point between a potential consumer and your brand. Talk about the pain points, the challenges, how the customer’s life looked before they came into contact with your product/services. It might lengthen your video or blog articles, but the added time is worth it when elevating your customer’s experience.

3. Give Insight to What it’s Like as a Customer

This approach to telling customer stories is important because it creates an avenue for prospective buyers to visualize themselves in the customer’s shoes.

There are so many fun and creative ways to tell your customer stories. Don’t get stuck on the how. Just start somewhere.

I help #SmallBusiness’s grow by #Marketing with #Stories. Founder of Story On. Host of The Small Business Storytellers Podcast.

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