Get More Leads With No Ad Budget

3 Ways To Find Fresh Leads While Spending No Money

You set a goal and to grow your business…the problem, your advertising budget includes a whopping $0.

It’s easy to set goals. It’s easy to make projections. It’s easy to build spreadsheets with future revenue and future clients.

At the end of the day it is easy to sit back and hope and wait for the new clients to come. That’s where we’ve been.

We know why we want a hundred members in our membership platform. We know why we want to hit the goals, but a major problem for us has been little to no advertising budget.

The reality is with where we are at right now, at Story On, we can’t sit around and wait.

Even with $0 for advertising, we can do THESE THREE THINGS to get more leads.

1. Use The Internet.

I don’t mean using Facebook ads or Google ads because that would require a budget. The question here is how do we use the internet without spending money.

Every week, I spend doing old fashioned prospecting on the internet. Researching in our city and in other communities of who our target audience is, who our dream client is. I can do research online and find companies who I have no shadow of a doubt that we can bring value to them. I will create a Google Sheet and grab their info online and reach out to them and try and start conversations.

This is not about spamming. You don’t just want to go and tweet at a million people and say, you know, buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff.

But the internet is a huge opportunity to start conversations with the people that are actually your dream client and your target audience. This can be hard because spam is a real thing, but prospecting online is something we do regularly to generate free leads.

2. Look At Your Network.

I’ve been running Story On for four years and so there’s a lot of people that I know in my community but this tactic may be the hardest one.

It’s much easier to go online and talk to strangers and pitch to strangers. If they don’t like you and they say no, you will never see them again. You can mute your haters, block your spammers, but what do you do when someone you know in your community that you see weekly says “no, I don’t like what you do”?

Well, you suck it up.

When you are at a place where you don’t have an advertising budget but need to grow your business, you need to be willing to reach out to the people you know.

So, look at your network. Who do you know? Who nows about you? Who could possibly either hire you or refer you to someone that could benefit from your service?

Make a list. Check it twice. Reach out to all of them and see how you can provide value or services to them and reach out several times. At this point, one of the biggest mistakes is only reaching out once. You should reach out to these people until they either buy from you, refer you, or say no.

3. Hit The Streets (Local Networking).

Local networking is not just for real estate agents, financial advisors, and direct marketers.

Maybe you find meetup groups, local chamber meetings, or maybe you go out knocking on the doors of businesses to introduce yourself. The goal here is to get out and show people you exist.

We got one of our largest clients because I went and knocked on their door and I kept doing it each week until their Executive Director took a meeting with me.

Getting out into the community, shaking hands, meeting new people, finding out how you can serve them, there’s nothing that beats that is so much of what the American dream of business and building your own business and building a local, mainstream America business is built on is getting out and meeting people and providing real value.

It is tough to grow a business regardless, but especially when you don’t have tons of money to advertise. That is why only 1% of Americans run a successful company.

But it is possible so don’t give up.

The truth is that you should never stop advertising. Ever. Whether or not you have money for “advertising”.

Every day, every week, there are strategies you can use to get more leads for your business.

When you do this, you will create momentum.

People have been growing their business without spending money on online advertising for a long, long time.

Implementing these three strategies today will help you to start growing your business today.

I help #SmallBusiness’s grow by #Marketing with #Stories. Founder of Story On. Host of The Small Business Storytellers Podcast.

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